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We're growing up! =)

Well, we have a mood theme now. =) I'm in the middle of adding it now, but unfortunatley, I don't have my beloved Admin Console to make it go "replace replace replace check recheck click POOF" done. =( So I have to add all manually, so  it's more like "find, copy, paste, type type, uncheck, find, copy..." for all 132. =(( But we have a mood theme! Thanks SO much to jfran2258  =) Go thank her and give her much love and hugs for our awesome new mood theme =))

Also, completely off points, but the lovely Miss Jay got my a Riley flavored teddy bear! *cuddleglomps Jay*

Oh, and I'm in the process of making "The Ultimate Benigail Soundtrack". I want to have it avalible here for download by Saturday.

And ficlets! YAY!

Follow the fake cut to National Treasure overload =)

Ciao my little treasure hunter-lings! =)

Once this community gets bigger...

We may convert to "adult concepts". I believe the only way this'll happen is if we become an a community that'll take discussions, fanfiction, fanvideos, etc. Once we get to fanfiction, we will accept all ratings, as long as they have clearly labeled the rating. This means we will be hosting fanfiction in the Mature Range. In which case, I believe it is LJ's policy for us to become an "Adult Concepts" community.

Just forewarning everyone. :) As I suspect, this will be far off for a while, but I will post notices like this one every once and a while.


This community is currently under construction. If anyone wants to be a major doll and create a layout, it would be appriciated so very much! :)